About US

Our distillery was founded in a hundred-year-old village, Nyárádszentsimon, in 2003. The village is situated at the meeting point of Nyárád and Küküllő region, in the middle of the road that connects Nyárádszereda with Havadtő at the 17th km. The old glory of the village that has 60 inhabitants is guarded by the church built in 1332 and renovated in 1797. This church used to be the religious centre of the five villages that are located in the valley. Due to its geographical makings and specific microclimate this region is proper for pomology. The pomology with a tradition of hundreds of years and the fruits of inimitable flavour and aroma make our brandy unforgettable. We managed to preserve the specific harmony of the fruits grown in the region of Nyárád and Küküllő thanks to guided fermentation and indulgent distillation. In our apparatus for distillation of mountain dew we try to combine tradition with up-to-date technology. We highly recommend our products to both consumers and dealers.

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