“Noble” Palinkas

“Brandy, just like our God, is strong, straight and almighty.” Brandy is the crystal clear essence of different kind of quality fruit; it is our heritage from ancestors. If we sip a good quality brandy we can feel the odour and aroma of fruits, the ripening fire of the sun and the specialist’s age-long experience. Good quality brandy can be produced only from fruits containing proper aroma. Aroma offers the distinctiveness and grandness of the brandy.

“Kisüsti” apple palinka

It has full flavour of apple. One shot warms your body and soul.

“Kisüsti” peach palinka

Little peach is grown in our region that is why this brandy is unique and specific. Its flavour is real curiosity.

“Kisüsti” cherry palinka

Crystal clear essence, character, manful drink.

“Kisüsti” fruit palinka

It is an odorous brandy that harmoniously mixes different flavours.

“Kisüsti” pear palinka

Its speciality lies in the unity of the tasty fruit aroma, that makes this manful drink a strong one.

“Kisüsti” sour cherry palinka

This brandy is produced of chosen sour cherry, and it preserves the pure flavour of the fruit.

“Kisüsti” grape pomace palinka

Grape brandy is a special flavour brandy. It preserves its special odour after careful distillation.

“Kisüsti” Plum Palinka

Kisüsti szilvapálinka A környék hagyományos szilvafajtáiból készült pálinka. Illatában, ízében – a gondos lepárlásnak köszönhetően – sikerült megőrizni az érett gyümölcs telt fűszerességét.   Kenivenkaebas .